Crafty Texas Lady grew up in a small town in West Texas as part of a farming family.  Her college of choice after graduation was Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas where she got a bachelors in Business Administration and majored in Marketing.  Part of the adventure of college was joining Alpha Phi Omega, working at a bingo hall, and making lifelong friends.  This is also where she met Mr. Texas.  He will tell you that they met before then, but she does not count that since he didn’t really pay attention to her at that time.  They started dating her senior year of college, and got married right after her graduation.  Mr. Texas is a Navy man.  He told his lovely bride to be that he wanted to join the Navy after taking her on a date.  They went to dinner and to see Pearl Harbor.  Their life has been filled with irony and bad jokes ever since that they laugh at together.

Since then she has married Mr. Texas, has lived in Florida, California, Hawaii, and now Maryland.  Crafty Texas Lady and Mr. Texas  have two boys and a very clingy and overweight English Springer Spaniel.  It is still an issue for her that her boys were born in California and not Texas, but it can’t be changed so she makes the best of it.

Crafty Texas Lady gets her name because she has lots of crafty hobbies.  She likes crocheting, sewing, embroidery, and is learning to knit and quilt.  If it is crafty or creative, she has probably tried it at least once and has the supplies to continue to do it if she so chooses, much to the frustration of her very patient husband.  (Mr. Texas is really quite supportive of her hobbies, he just wishes she would stick to one for a while.  *grins*)  If you come to visit, you will find yourself staying in the guest room/craft room.

She also loves to read.  Her natural habitat is a book store or library.  Music is also something that cannot be lived without and she has an extensive ITunes library with everything from classic country, rock, pop, swing, a little old rap, and oldies.  We are talking everything from The Andrews Sisters to George Strait to Metallica.

If you have questions, please do not be afraid to ask!



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